mamas, it's time to

activate your year

a workshop that teaches you how to get really clear on what you want, grounded in what you don't want, and how to make your big life dreams happen, even in the chaos of motherhood!

it's time to get intentional

You may have heard me share on the Mamahood My Way podcast (episode 15) my step-by-step framework to get really clear about the year ahead so we get a baseline of where we are, decide where we wanna be, and know how we're headed there.  

You don't need to wait for January 01 to do this.  Your year starts whenever you are ready to get intentional, and whether that's February 20th, July 2nd or October 12th, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that you take the time to do this for yourself. And I'm well aware that when we're juggling all that we juggle as mamas, making time for such a beautiful practice can be more than a little tricky… especially with little humans distracting us all day long! 

So I decided to make that part a little easier by creating a workshop that you can watch and rewatch at your leisure, where I'll lead you through my ritualised practices for reflection, resetting and intention-setting, leaving you with the most beautiful feelings & visual for your year ahead - whenever you decide it starts. 

This container of time will be your retreat from the chaos of life, a space for you to discover what's truly important this year, and what needs to change to bring the good stuff through. I know it's going to stir magic from within you, and be exactly what you need in this season of life. 

Some food for thought… 


If you answer no to any of these, the workshop will bring all the answers to you with a cherry on top 🍒


Have you reflected on the past 12 months to mine the gold nuggets of wisdom?


Are you feeling crystal clear about what's truly important for you in the next 12 months, and how to make it happen?


Are you in full alignment with your goals and know what action to take?


Have you got your intentions for the next year written down?


Is there someone you've shared this with, to help with accountability/check ins?

it's giving guilt free, game changing,

happy vibe intentions…

It’s not about airy-fairy resolutions, it’s about resolving to create the life you want 🫶 and if there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s the tiny, daily changes and actions that make our big dreams come true ✨

Join me in this gorgeous, heart-held workshop where I’ll take us through my life planning method to reflect, reset and step out our dreamy desires with big and small intention-setting for our most meaningful + magical year yet, Mama!


includes workbook

kind words

“Thank you for helping me unearth a clear picture of what I want 2023 to look like for me.  I have steps in place to achieve my goals, and improve areas of my life that have been neglected of late”

“The 2023 Activation workshop felt like an investment in my year ahead.  Taking the time to work through what I want from the year and how I could achieve that was a luxury I don't usually give myself.”

“I loved the 2023 activation workshop.  It was really great to look back on 2022, to tap into how I want to FEEL in 2023 and to set some intentions for the year ahead!  Claire held space for us in a beautiful way!”

“It has started my 2023 with clarity and positivity and I am so grateful to Claire for guiding me through the process”


It's time to activate

your year.